in order to the sixth year of celebration, for the people who do the reservation during Fri and Sat will get 20% off for the room reservation only. During Mon, Tus, Wed, Thu and Sun will get 40% off. (without reservation no discount )..during summer and winter vacation the discount will be Fri and Sat 10%off; Mon, Tus, Wed, Thu and Sun will be 30% off for room reservation only (without reservation no discount). for customer's right please call now and do the reservation. welcome to siang-shan.
★The room without bathroom
   It has toilet in front of the door..for shower, we provide hot spring for once, which is near by the room 

    It has provide breakfast for free 

★please bring your own towel for bath. We only provide small towel.

★If add more people in the room..500/per person…vip room 800/per 
    Visiter to the room 300/per person
    Visiter to Vip room 500/per person

★During summer and winter vacation Mon-Tues 30%off
    Fri-Sun 10%off or holiday more then 2days price is 10%off

★in the room has air-con, fan, TV with cable

★Not allow to bring pets and food

no food from outside

Twin room without bathroom
2800 元
1680 元
2240 元
a log cabin within a bathroom (for 2people only)
3800 元
2280 元
3040 元
Family room without bathroom (for 4people only)
3800 元
2280 元
3040 元
a log cabin within a bathroom (for 4people only)
4800 元
2880 元
3840 元
VIP a log cabin within a bathroom (for 4people only)
5800 元
3480 元
4640 元
VIP a log cabin within a bathroom (for 6 people only)
8600 元
5160 元
6880 元
Room for 8-12people
12000 元
7200 元
9600 元
hot spring bath

One room for $ 700( 2people)/per hour, add one more people for $350


1.Barbecue . cold spring swimming pool, nature stream $200/per person..please tidy the area after using。
2. barbecue has to order barbecue set from the farm (no food from outside)

Barbecue and restaurant

★Barbecue for 10 people set..price has 2200, 2600, 3200, 3800, 4200
★cleaning fee $200/per person 
★Bake Whole pig $4200/per pig, bake whole goat $4800/per goat
   It also has a restaurant. You can order the hot dishes
   (it also has the set for 10people. Price has 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500)

free to use People who stay for a night or order the hot dishes over $350 per person. They are free to use nature stream, cold spring swimming pool 





ATM: 復興農會910 帳號:6080619210178010

Accepted credit cards

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