The Luofu Bridge, Fuxing Bridge, and Baling Bridge
The Northern Cross-Island Highway is built along the Dahan Valley. At various crossing points, you will find well-designed bridges. What with the arch-style design of the bridge pier and their bright colors, the Luofu Bridge, the Fuxing Bridge, and the Baling Bridge give visual enjoyment to tourists traveling on the Northern Cross-Island Highway.

Both the Luofu Bridge and the Fuxing Bridge are situated in Luofu Village. The former is a green cable suspension bridge; the latter a red steel arch bridge. The bridges, as reflected through the green mountains and rivers, form a unique view along the Number Seven Taiwan Provincial Highway. We recommend you get out of the cars, take a walk past those bridges, and take photos of the Dahan Valley from high above.

The Baling Bridge is situated near Xiabalin, at the upper reaches of the river. In addition to its violet colored steel structure, there is also an old bridge for tourists to take photos of and have fun on. The design of the front and rear crossing tunnels is also quite interesting.
Xinxing Hot Spring (Galahe Hot Spring )
   It is now easier to access the Xinxing Hot Spring in Galahe after the Fusing Township Office built a stone-paved foot trail to serve the tourists’ requirements. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach there if you start from the tribal settlement in the valley’s.
The Xinxing Hot Spring, or the Galahe Hot Spring, is a wild creek hot spring. It is a weak alkaline carbonic acid spring. Spring water from rocks flows into three ponds beside the creek. It’s an outdoor spa, suitable for all seasons.
 Small Wulai Waterfall Groupssky bridge

 Those who attach importance to maintaining good health know negative ions are healthy.. Since the Xiao Wulai Waterfall, the Longfeng Waterfall, and the Wind-Rolling Stone Tourist Spot all release a large amount of negative ions, they have become the best bathing places for both the bodies and souls of nature-loving and health-conscious people.

The Xiaowulai Waterfall is mainly known for its similarity to Taipei’s Wulai Waterfall. Precipitous mountain slopes, down-pouring water, rainbow-colored lights formed by dancing water drops and natural and magnificent views are great draws for tourists. The Longfeng Waterfall is formed by the Long Waterfall at the upper level and by the Feng Waterfall at the lower level. The flow of water there is relatively moderate; this place is quiet and elegant.

In addition to waterfalls, and beautiful river beds, there are also sky bridge, barbeque zones, foot trails, camping areas, and observation posts in this tourist spot.

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (Chinese: 賽德克•巴萊, transliterated from Seediq; literally "A Real Seediq or A Real Man") is a Taiwanese historical drama film directed by Wei Te-Sheng. The partial scenes are taken by Small Wulai Waterfall Groups.

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