“Siang-shan provied cold spring swimming pool spa for the lodging and dining tourist free to use. Please welcome to make appointments”

~Tourists can enjoy the sunrise and there is a nature stream provied for toursit to use
Siang-shan’s owner has started building the farm for about 10 years and it’s runs about 6 years already. Most of the dishes which siand-shan provied, they were growed and raised by the owner themselves. organic vagetables, chicken and fish are all very healthy and tasty cooked by the owner.

In front of the siang-shan, there are three mountains look like three elephants around the farm. They look like a family. In the end of elephant’s trunk. It looks like sycee. Tourist can enjoy the sunrise here. The scenery is beautiful.

    In siang-shan, people can enjoy Pythoncidere, there are about twenty to thirty thousand negative ion. The negative ion has heart lung function of promote, the increment metabolism, and restores to original from the mind and body frustrate of ability.Help an improvement to usually suffer from insomnia, the motion rise and fall greatly and bear the condition of the high pressure power, taking the immune system and the blood circulation that the ion can also strengthen a human body significantly.                     

There are some activites for people like exciting stuff. Such as bungie jumping, go-cart and Paintball War Gamein. Around February to March, the owner has grown more than 500 Prunus jamasakuraex and Plum blossom. They bloom all around the farm. July is honey peach season. May to June, tong blossom (Aleurites Montana) season. They bloom all around the mountain. It looks like the snow cover the mountain very beautiful. During June to September, people should come to siang-shan to get away of hot. Playing in stream, cold water makes people feel much cooler. In the stream has a lot of small fish. People can enjoys watching fish and barbecue around the stream. In July, Tourist could go to Mt. Lala to pick the honey peach. During winter, toursit can have hot bath and join the view of the mountain.

Most of the mountains and rivers near by siang-shan are concentrated along the Northern Cross-Island Highway and in the Dahan Basin. Not only are there majestic mountain views and views of canyons, waterfalls and hot springs, there are also rich and diverse ecological views and special agricultural products there. The famous peach and pear of Lala Mountain and the cloud-penetrating divine tree zone always bring joy to the many tourists. Those place such as The Xikou Terrace , Lala Mountain Nature Protection Zone, Small Wulai Waterfall Groups , The Jiaobanshan Sculpture Park , and Dongyan Mountain Forest Recreation Zone .

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Small Wulai Waterfall Groups is near by siang-shan. About 3-5 minutes driving. Please welcome to book the room earlier.

It is not allow to bring food into siang-shan.

If toursits want to drive into small wulai waterfall groups. Sometimes there got some polices to contral the traffic. They may stop you. Not allow you to drive into small wulai waterfall. Ask you to take the bus into small wulai waterfall. In this case, you can tell them, you are going to stay in siang-shan. Then, they will allow you drive into small wulai waterfall groups. If they don’t allow, please call 03-3822720 Mrs. Chen. Thanks.

siang-shan sunrise   siang-shan sunrise
siang-shan mountains   nature stream
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